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Hengelo is customer-oriented and accessible

2/5/2020 - At the end of January 2020, the website of the Municipality of Hengelo was completely renewed. The website not only has a new and modern look, the navigation structure and the search function have also been thoroughly overhauled. The new website focuses entirely on the customer and is accessible to everyone.

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Ondertekenaars intentieverklaring IPv6

Seneca signs letter of intent IPV6

11/14/2019 - There is an increasing need for unique internet addresses. Logically, society is digitizing and the "Internet of Things" is on the rise. It is therefore not surprising that the traditionally available IPv4 internet addresses are slowly becoming exhausted. Therefore, a new future-proof protocol for internet addresses has been introduced worldwide, IPv6. Logius, the Standardization Forum and VNG Realisatie have taken the initiative to accelerate the implementation of IPv6 at the Dutch government institutions.

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