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The Municipality of Lelystad has improved its digital services with the launch of a new website. Together with Seneca, the site was given a new look and a new navigation structure. The homepage now shows the most visited products and topics. The new website is faster and information is easier to find. The website is also easy to use on smartphones and tablets thanks to its responsive design.

Sfeerbeeld website

Find what you are looking for quickly

The renewed website is a so-called top task site. Visitors come to the website to perform a specific task: applying for a driving license, renewing a passport, applying for a permit or making a report, for example.

The most visited products and topics will now appear at the top of the homepage. The municipality wants to further optimize its digital services and the top task site is a requirement for this. Especially now that residents today are used to arranging more and more things online for both business and private purposes. The renewed website focuses on the visitor and his information needs. Finding what you are looking for quickly is the starting point for the renewed


The website has been realized with great care and attention in a collaborative project by Seneca and the municipality of lelystad. Gerben Hart, web editor of the municipality of Lelystad at the time: “The collaboration between Lelystad and the Seneca consultant went smoothly and we really made something beautiful out of it in a short time. The consultant's knowledge, flexibility and proactive action helped a lot. ”

The end result is completely according to your wishes. The municipalities therefore received many positive reactions to the renewed site. “We only receive compliments about the sleek design and easy user experience. We are very happy with it! ”

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