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  • Geplaatst op vrijdag 22 februari 2019

Integration of Seneca’s forms solution with Sitecore CMS

With the form server solution of Seneca, you create clear and complete forms, with drag-and-drop functionality, that the end-user understands and supports them in completing. Even if these forms of origin are complex and contain, for example, dependencies, calculations or a prefill. To optimally serve site visitors, Seneca now offers the possibility to integrate forms from the Seneca form server solution into websites created with the Sitecore CMS.

 Seneca’s forms solution & Sitecore CMS

Sitecore is an integrated content management & e-commerce platform that is applied internationally by large organizations. The excellent opportunities for personalized content and e-commerce make it a suitable platform for the site management of large (commercial) organizations.

By making the powerful online forms of Seneca’s form server solution available in a Sitecore website, the site visitor is optimally served. He makes a journey online, handles his tasks within the pages of the portal and immediately succeeds, without the need of a digital sidestep.

Complex forms embedded in Sitecore

With the form server solution, you can easily create complex forms. The solution is intuitive in use and has a rich set of standard 'controls' and calculation functionality, which you can add or move to a form using the 'drag & drop' functionality.

Because form definitions created in Seneca’s form server solution are provided with APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), you can compile the most complex forms, offer them online and have them processed in back-office systems automatically.

Content administrators who manage the Sitecore websites do not have to worry about the technology. They work with the Sitecore CMS and select the desired form. The intuitive Sitecore interface for selecting online forms has been developed by Seneca and is easy to use.

Proven Technology

The integration between Sitecore and Seneca’s form server solution has already proven itself in practice. The processing of multiple business cases of a leading insurer in the Netherlands with complex forms passed the Proof of Concept with flying colors.

The solution is currently being implemented for this insurer and will soon be put into operation.


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